Smoky Men

The Echt Erzgebirge Räuchermänn, Smoky Man - is a small and thoughtful little figure of a man, made of wood and smoking a pipe. Probably the best known product produced in the Erzgebirge next to the Christmas Pyramid and the Nutcracker.

Inside the body of the Smoky Man, sits a small incense cone which when lit, smolders and produces the smoke that puffs out of the mouth of the Smoky Man or through the chimneys of the houses and Mushroom Smokers.

The Räucherkerzchen Incense Cone, a scented cone that sits inside the Smoky Man wafts the scent of Christmas around the home. The Incense Cones come in a wide variety of scents to suit your taste, mood or home, Pine, Sandal and Christmas to name a few, all available from our Christmas Shop. Once a family tradition in the Erzgebirge, Germany and now the charming little Smoky Man has become part of Christmastime and Christmas decorations throughout the world.

Around 1800, the Book of Toy Patterns from Nuremberg showed a Hussar, sitting at the coffee table, enjoying his pipe and there is evidence of smoking figures made of paper pulp around the area of Sonneberg in the period from 1820 to 1830.

Today it is not possible to say exactly when the first smoking figures appeared, probably at the beginning of the 19th. century. However, probably was not before the introduction of tobacco, which spread to Europe via Great Britain from the beginning of the 17th. century. This surely was an attractive motivation for the toy makers to copy Men smoking pipes.

The new popular fashion of smoking must have inspired the toy makers from Seiffen to make a little puffing figure out of wood. And thus was created the prototype from a basic lathed, hollow body inside which the scented candle could slowly burn away, thanks to the interior air stream. The smoke escaped through the mouth of the little wooden Smoky Man, just as it would from a real person

Today a large selection of Smoky Men and Smokers are available not just for Christmas but for all year round. Smoky Mushrooms and Houses where the smoke puffs out of the chimney as if someone is at home, The Smoky Men depicting all manner of trades, pastimes or hobbies, from Cooks, Fishermen, Skiers to wonderful imaginary folk like the Woodland Smoky Men, something for everyone.

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